Do It Yourself
Over-the-Hill Birthday Parties



Isn't that what you want your loved one or good friend to exclaim after you've thrown the party of a lifetime in his/her honor?

Someone close to you is turning 30, 40, 50 or more - you want to honor them with a celebration that is as unique and special as they are -- an unforgettable, outrageously fun-filled event that family, friends, and most of all the guest of honor will be talking about for years to come.

Getting older doesn't mean you can't re-live the same side-splitting fun you had as a kid.

Why not throw an Over-the-Hill Birthday Party that pokes fun at the fact that the old geezer is no longer a spring chicken?

Does the thought of throwing a party that will thoroughly delight your guests and have the old fart rolling on the floor roaring with laughter seem overwhelming to you?

You are not alone. -- Very few people can plan a successful party without some help!

The GOOD news is you CAN pull off this memorable occasion with the least amount of stress and effort. -- We have done all the work for you!

This book will show you exactly how to create a one-of-a kind, personalized celebration filled with hours of hilarity -- a day that no one including "Sagging Sally" the birthday girl will ever forget.

Here's what you'll get:

  • Step by step instructions on how to plan, prepare, and perform the most memorable Over-the-Hill Birthday party that will provide unsurpassed amusement for guests and show your special friend / family member how much you care -- (to tease the Hell out of them) hahaha

You'll learn:

  • How to choose a date -- You want to make sure the most number of people can attend.

  • Tips on recruiting your friends to play specific roles -- mourners, pall bearers, the Grim Reaper and the Preacher will all team up to raz your friend or loved one until its time for CPR from too much convulsive laughter.

  • What to watch out for when it comes to Over-the-Hill all black theme food -- (nobody wants to wind up with black teeth right?)

  • What props and supplies you need -- they're cheap and easy to find if you know where to look.

  • How to get costumes -- rent 'em, buy 'em or make 'em easily and quickly.

  • How to come up with inexpensive gag gifts that will crack everyone up -- these gifts will be displayed for years to come.

  • How to incorporate mourners and Grim Reaper to really crack up your guests -- you'll get really funny scripts and directions for these two key players

  • What you need to know before renting a party room -- don't get ripped off which will put a damper on the best of parties.

  • How and where to find the right casket -- you can rent or buy inexpensive prop caskets that can be used as a Halloween prop too.

  • Easy ways to create a life-size mannequin to mimic the birthday boy or girl -- One of these dummies can really maximize the laugh factor.

  • A comprehensive list of Over-The-Hill party accessories and where to get them -- you'll create an entire theme party that will be remembered forever.

  • Simple fill-in-the-blank instructions for writing a hilarious Over-the-Hill Sermon and Last Will And Testament that is guaranteed to have everyone at the party busting a gut with laughter.

As a special bonus you will receive:

  • 119 G-rated Over-the-Hill jokes that will keep everyone laughing for the Last Will And Testament

    My car will go to my wife so I can rest easier knowing she'll have reliable transportation to Neiman Marcus to spend the insurance money.

    My bad knees will be bequeathed to my friend Joe so he'll have an excuse for staggering and crawling home late at night.

    My wardrobe will be left to the National Association of eradication of polyester.

    My childbirth delivery experience will be left to my boss so he can see how it felt to work for him.

    My AMEX gold card will be left to my daughter so she can follow in her mother's footsteps.

    PLUS 114 more funny one-liners guaranteed to laser strike all the funnybones at the party.

  • 31 risque jokes that will make that old wrinkled face blush with embarrassment, or squeal with delight.

    Sorry they're too naughty to put on this webpage :)

Make Money Too
This e-book is obviously a "must-have" for anyone planning an Over-the-Hill party for a friend or loved one, but did you know that you could even use this book to sell your services to other people that want Over-the-Hill parties. I made over $100,000.00 doing this routine when I had an entertainment company near Washington, D.C. and every single job was just as much fun for me as it was for the clients.

You will learn how to:

  • Sell the customer on the idea of an Over-The-Hill Preacher,

  • Help the customer in compiling custom background information that you will use in the birthday person's Over-The-Hill sermon

  • Sell extras once the customer has been sold on the basic idea.

  • Deliver the sermon


Don't be tempted to do the same old thing or worse yet try to throw your party together at the last minute without the help of this e-book -- We'll hold your hand and guide you through each step of the way to creating the kind of party that goes down in history as one of the BEST EVER!

Plan your next party with confidence and have a riotously good time doing it!

Don't forget:
A successful and memorable Over-The-Hill birthday party takes planning, preparation, and performance -- You need to start right away - and there's no time like the present! -- Whether you're running late in your planning or you are one of the rare people who plan ahead, this e-book will help you create the kind of party that people will rave about for years to come.

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